Kenyan Musician/Actress Avril Nyambura

Kenyan Musician/Actress Avril Nyambura

We all have that desire to be a celebrity with the flashy designer clothes, people recognizing you for the talent you possess and not to mention the added bonus of good pay and free stuff. So you can imagine my thrill when I had the chance to hang around celebrities for a night. I got my hair done, picked out the right outfit and prepared myself for a night of a lifetime. But how it panned out I must say, was quite interesting.

So off we went with my friend. It started off casual nothing too exciting but you could sense the celebrities had this aloofness about themselves. I won’t lie, I am a bit aloof myself but they took it a notch higher but hey, who am I to judge? We decided to switch locations and head to westlands, the location for party goers, and while there we met more celebrities and I observed them as is my nature.

Firstly, I must say it felt fantastic to get entrance to VIP areas without any hustle that most people go through. It was out of the ordinary especially when you see other people not getting entrance, you kinda feel important which was great.

So we get to our table, order our drinks and get to having a good time which was on another level. Celebrities I found were much more mmm what would be the word ….chilled out maybe. While I wanted to shake my tail feather, the celebrities just sat in one spot looking good and once in a while moved around so I was inclined to do the same, which was sit there and look pretty.

I noticed they hurdled around each other like a bunch of newly born kittens while Kenyan socialite ladies hurdled around them like vultures who have cornered their prey. The celebrities were easy to talk to. Yes, they kept to themselves but that’s what comes with the territory of being in the public eye, but with good music and drinks one can’t really go wrong.

It was an interesting sight to watch because that’s what I did most of the time, watch. I stood out like a sore thumb. They didn’t easily accept me, probably because of my demeanor or them being careful as to who they accepted into their inner circle.

At the end of the night, there was a lot of laughter and all in all celebrities are just like everyone else. They may seem snobbish at first, but with time they open up and are just like you and me only they have harnessed their skills and talents to the maximum and are famous for it.

My conclusion is that flashing lights and glamorized lives are tempting and exciting, but being in the public eye is different and only those with thick skin can handle what it may bring. If you’re the easily swayed kind, you may lose sense of self in the celebrity lifestyle making it not worth it in the end.