It is a guarantee that it will be cold once every year. Since in Kenya we don’t have to worry about snow and freezing temperatures, then those websites and magazines that offer advice on surviving winter time are not just relevant.

As such, here are some of the things you should consider stocking up on when it gets cold.

Ginger, Lemon and Garlic

Just as the chances of you catching a cold are high when it is rainy, same goes for the cold weather. More than the cold, what is more common are sore throats. Because of this, it is better to stock up than rely on Java for their Java concoction, which is perfect for that cold. Mixed with honey, it soothes the throat.

Leg Warmers

You don’t need to be told to buy jackets when it’s cold. However, the assumption that the house is warm ends up leaving people with shivering nights. The best thing to do is to have gloves and leg warmers, thick and warm.

Movies and Cocoa

Since your evenings and weekends will be spent indoors, get something distracting. That way, you have no time to become depressed over the cloudy day. You have no time to start reevaluating your career goals. The idea is to keep yourself distracted as opposed to calling her/him after every five minutes to find out if the traffic jam is that bad.