Let Them Say Dan Aceda feat Amileena

Singer/songwriter Dan Aceda has released a new song titled ‘Let Them Say” off his upcoming album which features Amileena.

I caught up with Dan and asked him a few questions about the new jam.

Hapa: What was the inspiration behind the song?

Dan: The story behind the song is in many ways my own story but nonetheless a story that many people identify with. If for example you think about the politics of the last few months and the tribal tensions that built up and are still hanging in the air, imagine how hard it has been for mixed relationships. I mean just think of mixed religion marriages and relationships, I can only imagine how complicated the wider society has made it for these guys. I thought I would say something about our broken politics in a light and simple way. What better the to wrap it all up in than a love story?

Hapa: The song is very similar to Wacha waseme” which you did in collaboration with Eric Wainaina. Is the new one a remix of some sort?

Dan: Yes the song is similar in theme to Waache Waseme which I did back in 2004 with the legendary Eric Wainaina. It was my way of re-introducing the song to my audience. I have always felt that the first song didn’t get enough air time So I hope with this new look at it the audience will go back to my first album and listen to that too. The songwriting angle is very different though because while the first was easy listening kind of album filler we have developed this one into a feel good pop single. And Amileena has made the song sound very sexy.

Hapa: How was it working with Amileena?

Dan: It was a great pleasure to work with Amileena. She is an absolutely lovely person to work with and also extremely talented. Over the years I have had a chance to work with many musicians and many, many singers from different backgrounds and extremely talented people and I have to say that Amileena is among the very best I have ever worked with.

Below is the song. What do you think of it?