Kenya Airways and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Kenya have signed an MOU on a partnership aimed at fighting against trafficking in persons and enhancing the protection of migrants.

The collaboration brings together IOM Kenya’s expertise in migration governance and Kenya Airways’ extensive aviation network. These two will be used to implement robust measures that will identify, prevent, combat trafficking in persons and facilitate regular pathways.

Key initiatives under the MOU include training and awareness, policy development and sharing of information. As part of the initiative, Kenya Airways staff will receive specialized training from IOM to recognize and respond to improve coordination to assist migrants in vulnerable situations. Joint efforts will also be made to advocate for policies that create a safer travel environment and disrupt traffickers’ operations. Additionally, a framework for sharing information between the airline and IOM will be established to facilitate timely interventions.

Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO, Allan Kilavuka, said, “The collaboration with IOM Kenya demonstrates our dedication to corporate social responsibility and the well-being of all travellers. We are committed to providing our staff with the necessary training and resources to assist migrants, particularly those in vulnerable situations.”

On her part, Dimanche Sharon, IOM Chief of Mission stated, “This MOU marks a significant milestone in our efforts to safeguard the rights and dignity of migrants. By joining forces with Kenya Airways, we can enhance our outreach and impact, ensuring that migration is safe and beneficial for all.”

The partnership represents a significant step towards ensuring the well-being and rights of migrants are upheld, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive society.