Rusinga School and Crawford International School have partnered with CNN to produce stories showing how people living in urban areas can have a huge impact on both wild environments around the country and within cities.

The initiative is part of CNN’s annual Call to Earth Day, celebrated on November 28th, to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting the world and to engage with conservation education. The stories to be produced by the student’s align with this year’s theme of, “Our Shared Home,” highlighting the conflict between people and the planet’s dwindling wildlife over food, resources, and space for living.

“Rusinga Schools is very passionate about sustainable environmental conservation and has always been keen to put the student’s voice at the center of holistic initiatives to drive the environment agenda. Through #RusingaSpeaks, we are working to expand opportunities for our students to initiate programmes, sustain these through linkages and partnerships with strategic partners and participate in outreach service-learning activities that are making a strong impact beyond our school,” Juma Nyamori, Rusinga Schools Headteacher.

Over 130,000 people participated in last year’s Call to Earth Day, with events in more than 80 countries around the world. Call to Earth Day is part of Call to Earth, a major network initiative launched by CNN in 2019, in partnership with Rolex and its Perpetual Planet Initiative, shining a light on those committed to safeguarding our planet for future generations. Over the last four years, this award-winning programming has told stories of change-makers, visionaries and ground-breaking projects making a difference to the world around them.

This year’s Call to Earth Day will see special coverage across CNN International and CNN en Español TV networks, digital and social media platforms. This multi-platform content will be complemented by a series of live events, with participants encouraged to share their actions, ideas, and inspirational thoughts on social media, using the hashtag #CalltoEarth. Call to Earth Day content will also air for the first time on CNN Arabic and stream on CNN Max in the US.

CNN has worked with Climate Change Education Consultant Kottie Christie-Blick to develop lesson plans for children from the ages of 5 to 17 as a resource for schools and educational bodies taking part in Call to Earth Day. CNN is also partnering with the global school’s group, Cognita, on a new student-led video project which will team up CNN content creators with schools to coach them on how to produce an impactful environmental report.

Coverage plans for the day will see CNN examine environmental solutions and explore projects from locations around the world. Stories, live programming, and interviews gathered from across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and both North and South America, will run in every hour of CNN International programming. CNN en Español will feature stories and live reporters throughout the day from across the Latin America region.

A special half hour documentary ‘Our Shared Home’ will run on November 28th highlighting the conflict between people and the planet’s dwindling wildlife over food, resources, and space for living. Conservation biologist and Rolex Laureate Dr. Krithi Karanth will showcase how her work is striking a balance between leopard, tiger and elephant conservation and India’s position as the most populous country in the world. In Singapore, primatologist Dr. Andie Ang emphasizes how exponential human population growth exerts pressure on natural resources through her work with critically endangered Raffles’ banded langurs. The programme also explores how the energy crisis and the need to build more renewable energy resources is being balanced with Tasmanian devil protection initiatives in Australia.

CNN’s Connect the World with Becky Anderson will broadcast a 30-minute special from the Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi, showcasing the important connection between the natural world and cities. Becky Anderson will be joined by guests and school children from across the UAE.