Kenya will now play a role in formulation and implementation of key international tax programmes after the country was elected to be a member of Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) Executive Council.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Acting Commissioner General Rispah Simiyu will represent Kenya in the global tax body executive council. She will tasked to front positions and interests of non-American countries including Kenya, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France & Portugal.

The election was initiated by CIAT non-American country members’ nomination of Kenya to assume an elected seat. The nomination reiterates KRA’s global reputation and endorsement in tax administration matters. Kenya will serve as the executive council member for a term of two years (2023-2024).

The CIAT Executive Council is the organ responsible for managing and following up on the performance of activities and the execution of the executive secretariat budget, and outlining CIAT’s institutional strategies. This means that KRA Ag. Commissioner General will now participate in formulation and implementation of key tax programmes on behalf of CIAT members.

CIAT is a public non-profit international organization, created in 1967, with the mission of offering an integral service for the modernization and adoption of technology by the tax administrations of its member countries. Currently, CIAT membership is drawn from 42 countries including those from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

CIAT develops activities in the areas of international engagements in taxation, tax studies, international taxation, publications, training, technical cooperation and information technology. This is done within the framework of the current strategic plan and annual operating plan approved by the member countries.

Other Countries elected to the council include, Uruguay (President), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Paraguay and the United States of America.

Kenya has been a member of CIAT since 2006 and the country is represented by the KRA Commissioner General. KRA has leveraged on the existing ties to forge, deepen and sustain strategic relations with CIAT to enhance domestic revenue mobilisation and application of tax and customs procedures.