Silvester Kariuki will be travelling to Scotland on the 20 th of April 2023 in a trip worth Ksh. 1 Million after emerging as the winner in the William Lawson’s Next Highlander campaign.

During the trip he will get an opportunity to tours the Macduff distillery, home of William Lawson’s. The 22yr old bio-medical engineer demonstrated his grit and gut by brushing aside all competition in 2022 to emerge as Kenya’s Next Highlander.

“I still can’t fathom this! Indeed, the surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them. Who would have thought that a boy from Embu would one day get the chance to tour Scotland? Well, I am proof that this can be anyone’s reality. Here I was living my life and enjoying my finest blend of scotch; William Lawson’s while having fun during the challenges. And now, I will be touring the renowned Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Findlater castle while enjoying some highlander games and biting on some
Scottish delicacies such as bagpipes and baggis! “said Sylvester Kariuki.

Kenyans of legal drinking age were given exposure to the campaign at various outlets, where they participated in exciting challenges to be one of the TOP 26 finalists to compete in the finale.

Tom Njeru, William Lawson’s East Africa Marketing Manager said,” It’s time to celebrate the Highlander! Silvester is going to reignite Scotland from a Kenyan’s perspective! Mark your calendars from the 20 th to the 25 th of April. Log into our site to have a grasp of his adventure. As a brand, we are determined to ensure that all young people own and embrace who they are by challenging conventional norms. Silvester embodies all these qualities of bucking convention, setting his
own rules, and being daringly different. Its his time, all hail to the reigning Highlander!”

Various challenges determined Kenya’s Next Highlander. From Ka-Balance, where participants raced each other by balancing their filled glasses on sticks, to the Balloon Blow Barrel Pong, where participants had to throw balls into glasses that were placed into the barrel – they did it all and many more.

Silvester Kariuki has set an example for Kenyans to embrace the power of their dreams and live out their passion. He is an engineer who attended Nyeri’s Outspan Medical College and, through his drive, ambition, and perseverance in being ahead of his peers, has aims to become a prominent figure in the medical supplies industry and curve out entrepreneurship to support communities.