Goodlife Pharmacy has announced the opening of a new branch at the Kakuma-Kalobeyei refugee-hosting area. This is expected to go a long way in increasing access to quality pharmaceuticals, medicines, and other products and services for thousands of refugees and Kenyans in the surrounding area.

Goodlife Pharmacy Kakuma is one of the dozens of businesses establishing a presence in and around Kakuma with support from IFC’s Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund (KKCF). The fund, launched in 2019, is helping drive job creation, opportunity, and private sector growth in a region that hosts more than 230,000 refugees and asylum seekers from several African countries.

Goodlife Pharmacy is one of over 40 companies that have benefitted from IFC’s KKCF, which offers incentives to small and medium-sized businesses seeking to provide essential goods and services in the Kakuma and Kalobeyei areas. KKCF is also working to attract larger private sector companies, like Goodlife Pharmacy, to the area, by providing hands-on support and advisory services to companies.

Goodlife Pharmacy committed to expanding into Kakuma following the 2018 publication of IFC’s “Kakuma as a Marketplace” study, which highlighted the economic pursuits, challenges, and potential of the area. KKCF provided financial, logistical, and employee recruitment support to Goodlife Pharmacy during its entry into Kakuma. IFC has previously partnered with and invested in Goodlife.

“Thanks to the support of IFC, this launch marks a significant milestone for Goodlife Pharmacy as we expand our portfolio of over 115 locations in Kenya and Uganda,” said Goodlife’s Melvin. “As the largest pharmacy chain in East Africa, our mission is to bring health closer to the community at a lower cost.”

“Congratulations to Goodlife, whose presence in Kakuma will improve access to quality health products and services making it more convenient for those seeking medication,” said IFC’s Arif. “IFC is committed to supporting private sector development and opportunity in challenging environments, including to refugee and host communities.”

IFC is also working with government partners in Turkana County to create a more conducive policy environment for private sector growth in the region.