Britam General Insurance has partnered with Haltons Pharmacy, GoodLife Pharmacy, Malibu Pharmacy and MYDAWA Online Pharmacy to launch Pharmacy First Program. The services will allow Britam medical insurance clients to access medical services at these pharmacies, for minor and uncomplicated ailments without the need to visit a hospital.

The Pharmacy First Program was born out of the necessity to offer clients a convenient and high-quality alternative for accessing medical services as well as stretch out their outpatient benefits.

“The Pharmacy First Program represents a significant step in reshaping healthcare access for our clients. By leveraging the expertise of accredited pharmacies, we are making healthcare more accessible and convenient for our valued customers as well as helping them conserve their outpatient benefits for more complicated ailments that require hospital visits.” Jackson Theuri, CEO and Principal Officer of Britam General Insurance.

The Program will cover a wide range of common diagnoses, including Acute Peptic Ulcer Disease, Malaria, Acute Sinusitis, Rhinitis & Rhinopharyngitis, Acute Otitis Externa, Acute Otitis Media, and Acute Diarrhea. In addition to these diagnoses, the program also includes coverage for Musculoskeletal Pain, Bruises, Minor Lacerations, Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections, Skin and soft Tissue Infections (Viral, Fungal & Bacterial), Uncomplicated Hypertension, and Uncomplicated Type 2 Diabetes.

Under the Program, Britam clients can visit any accredited pharmacy location and undergo standard verification procedures. They can then consult with the pharmacist or clinician regarding their ailment. If the condition can be treated at the pharmacy, the necessary medications will be provided, with Britam covering the associated costs. For clients with chronic medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, the program allows for quick and convenient medication refills at partner pharmacies.