The 7 Tusker Nexters finalists have debuted three singles in collaboration with top Kenyan artists: Khaligraph Jones, Nadia Mukami and Mejja.

The first single is called Flying High, and is already out now on YouTube, BoomPlay, Mdundo and all other streaming platforms. On Flying High, Mombasa native Angachi and Kitale resident Bakhita fuse their energies together to chart a course for domination of the Kenyan music industry. The OG Khaligraph Jones then comes in at the end and co-signs the Nexters duo with his signature hard-hitting flow. The lyrics are laid down over a Mutoriah-produced drill beat, whose sliding bass, hard-hitting kicks, and sinister melody is punctuated by some high-energy electric guitar riffs that take the song to the next level.

The second single is titled Champe and premiered at 8 p.m. on October 19, 2022. The single features another Nexter from Mombasa, Lexxie, alongside Zaituni from Nairobi. They are joined by Kisumu rapper TK Lyon and supported by Nadia Mukami.

This one is a more story-driven track, with the protagonist a guy, presumably TK Lyon, who finds himself in a love triangle with Lexxie, Nadia and Zaituni. Drama unfolds when TK Lyon is found out and is at pains to explain himself to the three ladies.

The music video is colourful and fun and sets up this song to not only be a club anthem, but a dance-friendly song for TikTok dance challenges.

Dala Wa is the third and final effort from the Nexters. This song, which means “At home” in Dholuo, sees Kisumu singer Kamwana link up with Nakuru rapper Veryl Mkali Wao and Mejja to deliver a Benga-inspired hit.

The Dala Wa music video evokes memories of vintage Mejja, back during his Calif Records days. Kamwana’s distinct voice delivers the Dholuo melodies clean and crisply, while Veryl Mkali Wao’s flow comes through nice and clear. Mejja closes out the song in all his tumbler-toting glory, to cap off a fun song that brings out the good vibes no matter what setting the track is played in. The music video is also engrossing from start to finish, which is something you do not often see these days.

All these songs will be available to listen to and watch on all streaming platforms by the end of the week, so stay tuned to Tusker’s social media platforms to ensure that you stay on top of all the releases.

If you are unfamiliar, the Nexters is a platform launched by Tusker back in March this year as a part of their hundred-year anniversary. The platform is about ushering the next generation of Kenyan talent in sports and the arts.