The Nokia G21 is a budget phone which was launched recently by HMD Global makers of the Nokia brand of phones. The G series in a line of budget phones which ensures that anyone can be able to access a good smartphone with all the latest features at an affordable price.

The Nokia G21 is retailing at Ksh. 19,999 for the 4GB and 64GB storage variant with the 4GB and 128GB storage variant retailing at Ksh. 21,999.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get the Nokia G21;

Good Battery Life

Smartphones have become such a big part of our lives that we can’t simply do without them.  This has seen a good number of people constantly glued to the screens of their phones to get the latest info on social media or even attending an online meeting.

This attachment to our phones has brought about a predicament in that, as phones become bigger and more powerful with time, battery life has suffered. This is because, smartphones have many apps that consume a lot of power especially when streaming or playing games. As a result, walking around with chargers and power banks have become the norm which can be tedious more so if your phone battery is not up to par and you have to charge it after every few hours.

To counter this, the Nokia G21 comes with a 5050 mAh battery which promises to last up to three days. As such, one does not have to worry about the phone going off during that important call or online meeting.

Timely Security Updates

We live in a time when cyber security threats are at all time high with hackers trying to steal your personal information.  As such, outdated software can leave your phone prone to hacking which most often than not leads to financial loses.

However, with Nokia, you don’t have to worry about such as the company prides itself on rolling out software and security updates regularly. The G-series devices will receive security updates monthly for 3 years while the Therefore, as a consumer, one can rest assured that their devices are safe from hackers thus building more trust in the brand.


Since the days of the Nokia 3310, the brand has prided itself in building phones which can last for years. According to HMD Global, their phones are made from high-quality materials that have a better resistance to drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal stress, moisture, and liquids.

This means that once you buy the Nokia G21, the only reason that will make you let go of it is when upgrading and not that the phone itself has failed.

Value for Money

During this time when our economy is not at its best, people are looking at value for money for all their purchases. The Nokia G21 promises to give you value for money due to the fact that even though it is considered a budget phone, it comes with some awesome features. For example, the 50 MP triple camera setup ensures that you are able take photos as good as those taken from a high end device. The 5050 mAh, battery ensures that you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice at the wrong time. Also, Nokia devices operate on 100% stock Android. This ensures that their devices have optimal performance and no bloatware which can be annoying in some phone brands.

The long and short of it is that for a budget phone, the Nokia G21 has some good features and is a definite buy for me.

Nokia G21 specifications and price in the Kenyan market