Huawei Mobile Kenya has appointed Mitsumi Kenya as the distributor of its Business to Business Product Portfolio in the East African Market.

Huawei has launched a full set of business products, solutions, and service platforms, including MateBook B3,B5,and B7 series for laptops, MateStation B520 series for desktops, Display B3 series for monitors, MatePad C3, and C5e for tablets, and business printers.

Speaking of this partnership, Huawei Mobile Kenya, Jim Zhijue said’ “The future of smart office will definitely be defined by integration of ecosystems, interactions and devices. The era of constant connectivity and collaboration demands is here, content developing and sharing across different platforms is growing therefore the need for tech solutions through innovative ideas and products.”

“With fast-changing business requirements, market conditions, the need for nimble office solutions has never been greater. Smart workplaces and equipment have begun to replace traditional office products, which tended to boast impressive specs and control costs at the expense of versatility and user experience.” He added.

Speaking of the partnership, Mitsumi -Group Product Head, Mr. Siddharth Jain said, “We at Mitsumi are delighted to have Huawei on board with us as we strengthen the existing relationship in order to look forward to further growth together. Over the last two decades Mitsumi has seen tremendous growth despite circumstances like the pandemic, and continue to pride ourselves off of our strong in-country presences especially in the African region. As we look ahead to the future and goals we have set, Mitsumi has shown great growth with Huawei in the telecom sector and are excited to see the same growth with Huawei IT Business sectors i.e Matebooks, Mate Stations, Tablets, Printers, monitors and wearables.”