Zalego Academy has announced that it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver training and certification for cloud skills to learners in Kenya.

Zalego is a subsidiary of StepWise Inc. which focuses on ICT training and enhancing the employability of youth and people from underserved communities.

Zalego Academy has joined the cloud provider’s Training Partner Program and will concentrate on social impact initiatives. This training will not only enable cloud fluency for unemployed youth and graduates to leverage the power of the cloud but will also create a new pathway of economic opportunity for young people to partake in cloud computing jobs.

This Training Partner Program is designed for organizations like Zalego , that meet or exceed rigorous criteria for delivering and or offering high-quality technical training.

As a Training Partner, Zalego Academy plans to:

  • Deliver authorized AWS Training
  • Work with partner organizations to develop future-focused strategies, to enhance the employability of youth and people from underserved communities.
  • Deliver training intentionally built for non-traditional learners of all abilities to engage in, (i.e., in-person, sign language interpreters, video captioning and wheelchair accessible space).

The training is developed and maintained by cloud experts, ensuring that the content reflects current best practices. AWS Classroom Training gives learners the opportunity to engage live and get questions answered by an expert instructor. Many courses also include hands-on labs, allowing learners to practice real-world scenarios in a sandbox environment. Training also helps prepare learners for the cloud service provider’s certification exams, which validate technical skills and expertise with an industry-recognized credential.

StepWise is focused particularly on enhancing economic inclusion in Africa through the creation of digital jobs for people from disadvantaged communities, women, the chronically unemployed, and individuals with disabilities. Through the Foundation’s Scholarship Program, Zalego Academy provides individuals with disabilities and underserved youth in East Africa, with career-ready technology skills through programs that are aligned with the current and future job market. These demands are driven by advancements in technology.

 Chris Harrison, CEO StepWise, said, “We strongly believe that with the support of AWS, Zalego Academy can build innovative programs that have a lasting impact, particularly on the underserved and underrepresented in Africa. Delivering AWS Training and Certification is perfectly aligned with StepWise’s purpose of preparing an inclusive talent pipeline and creating sustainable employment for a technology-driven world.”