Uber has released its Year in Review in Kenya report which indicates that 2021 continued to be dramatically shaped by lockdowns and an ever-evolving global pandemic. And as everyone adapted to this “new normal”, people continued to use Uber in all different ways to suit their changing needs from their homes, on their holidays, at their place of work, and everywhere in between.

As restrictions gradually eased over the course of the year, people used Uber Eats to get food delivered, from burritos, bananas, beers, and even board games.

“Whether it’s getting a ride or getting groceries and food delivered, we want Uber to be the operating system for your everyday life. We have seen a positive response to our essentials offering via the app this year, and we will continue to scale this offering to ensure consumers have more selection at the tap of a button,” says Kui Mbugua, UberEats General Manager, Kenya.

Uber key highlights for 2021

1. Increased grocery delivery: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of grocery delivery. Uber now has more than 60 active grocery and convenience stores on Uber Eats in Kenya and these are growing every day.
2. Largest order: The largest order in Kenya was a customer who ordered Ksh. 38,210 (USD 338) worth of groceries, containing over 264 individual items.
3. Most selling groceries: Bananas were the top selling grocery item in Kenya. More than 195 orders were delivered this year alone.
4. Alcohol: As we expanded into alcohol delivery, Kenyan customers embraced it and raised a glass (or two). 6pm- 7pm was the most popular time to place orders, with customers choosing Pinã Colada, Sangria and Gilbeys Gin as their favourite drinks.
5. Wide range of groceries: With the addition of stores like Zucchini and Chandarana, people in Kenya have ordered a wide range of items – from over 328 orders of avocados to 102 orders of whole chicken and 33 orders of Jamaa Bar Soap.
6. Food favorites: KFC’s Streetwise 2 and KFC Streetwise 3 top the list for the most ordered dish this year, followed by chips. Kombucha is also a popular order, while oat milk is the top of the dairy-free world. Uber predicts avocado to remain customers’ favorite toast companion.