Spotify has added three new playlists to showcase the diversity of East African music from different genres including Hip Hop, R&B and Zilizopendwa.

The first playlist, called 254 Flow contains the best hip-hop music from Kenyan artists. The playlist comprises a mixture of established artists and new and upcoming acts. The playlist will be updated every two weeks, with different artists being showcased on the cover.

The second playlist is called Eastern Vibes and will showcase alternative music from across East Africa. Targeted at people in their twenties, the playlist will highlight underground alternative and new wave singers. Eastern Vibes will be updated every week, with the artist featured on the playlist cover changing twice a month.

The third playlist is called Zilizopendwa. Taken from the Swahili term for what was loved, the playlist will honour Kenyan classics from the 80s and 90s. It will include music from a variety of genres, including Rhumba, Rock-Rhumba, Chakacha and Benga. Targeted at people aged 35 to 44 and and 45 to 54, it will feature artists from Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo, and will be updated once a month.

All three playlists will be available on both Spotify Freemium and Premium.

Since launching in Kenya in February this year, Spotify has rolled out a number of playlists aimed specifically at fans of East African music, with the latest three just part of a growing library of regional artists. The playlists offer established artists a fresh way to reach fans, while also giving new artists much-needed exposure.

According to a 2021 report from PWC, revenues from Kenyan entertainment, media, and advertising companies are set to hit Ksh.900 billion by 2025. Thanks to high smartphone penetration and internet accessibility, growth rates in these industries will be among the highest in Africa and will be aided by companies such as Spotify.