Many children in the current generation have grown up surrounded by technology. From the moment they were born, their lives have revolved around the internet.

Though this is mostly a good thing since the internet gives them access to useful information, it can be a harmful place as well if not controlled.  Children can easily become hooked to the internet spending unhealthy amounts scrolling through their devices. Such an addiction can affect their lives negatively.

Here are some effects of internet addiction.

1. Damaged Relationships

Internet addiction can affect your relationships with the people you love. Since you invest a lot of your time online, you might not have ample time to spend with people in real life. It also makes you disassociated from the real world. Therefore, even when people are trying to bond, it can be difficult to be present for them.

2. Poor Eating Habits

Proper nutrition is essential for children in order to grow in a healthy way. However, doing even the most basic tasks becomes difficult when you have an internet addiction. Children struggling with internet addiction find it hard to take a few minutes from their devices to eat or do other tasks. This then leads to poor eating habits as they turn to quick foods such as snacks to curb hunger.

3. Poor Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene is another effect of internet addiction. Victims can go for days without cleaning themselves or the surrounding environment. They will not see personal hygiene as a priority. Therefore, it will be overlooked until it gets to an extreme level. As a parent, you should ensure that your child takes care of their hygiene in order to avoid diseases and infestation.

4. Depression And Anxiety

Social media is one of the leading causes of mental health issues among young people. Due to peer pressure, children who spend long hours on the internet can easily experience depression and anxiety. They may be exposed to toxic environments. For instance, bad comments or bullying can drive them to have low self-worth. Additionally, the pressure to live a life like the one they see on social media can affect their self-esteem leading them to experience depression and anxiety.

5.  Loneliness

Internet addiction will isolate you from the rest of the world since it takes up a lot of your time. This can cause rifts in your personal relationships leaving you feeling lonely. Additionally, comparing the quality of relationships you have to the picture-perfect ones on the internet might give you the wrong idea of how healthy relationships should look like. This can make you separate from the real people in your life in a bid to seek the kind of relationships on the internet.

6. Poor School Performance

Internet addiction has the same effect as other substance addictions. It can be distracting and take one’s focus from their daily responsibilities. For school-going children, they sideline their schoolwork and academic responsibilities. They may also not pay as much attention in class which causes them to lag behind academically.

7. Lack Of Social Skills

Socializing is part of the human experience. It’s therefore essential to develop social skills at an early age in order to have healthy and successful relationships as an adult. Children who are addicted to the internet risk becoming antisocial. Since they don’t mingle with the outside world too often, their social skills may not be developed enough. This makes them struggle to make meaningful connections in real life.