Short video platform VSkit has launched new features in its rebranding initiative. The rebranding more comes after three years of the platform in the African market, while making an entry into the Asian market recently.

As the platform continues to gain more users along the way, the growth of Vskit on a global scale has necessitated the need for an updated brand image. The platform’s logo, the letter V which has been tweaked to give an element of infiniteness, communicates the vastness of content within the platform.

In an effort to ensure alignment with user experience, VSkit has improved the user interface which has been calibrated to make the user navigation and all round interaction with the app seamless and enjoyable.

VSkit has also added the Chat feature into their interface. By communicating directly with their followers and fellow creators, VSkit users are now able to be part of a community relationship that goes beyond just having followers. This feedback loop between creator/creator and creator/consumer is an integral part of the platform’s growth process which helps it provide culturally relevant content that is tapped into the ever-evolving mainstream zeitgeist.

In addition, VSkit has enhanced the existing features already known to its users already know and love and doubled the number of activities one can interact with while using the app. There are more stickers, filters and trending challenges that a creator can take advantage of to conjure up befitting content.

The upgraded camera feature generates clearer and more alluringly beautiful footage that could be paired with any sound from our broad selection of music in our library for that perfect lip-sync or fun dance video.

The newly minted beauty mode feature is well equipped with powerful tools to help create desirable videos that enhance a subject’s natural beauty. The user has the liberty to explore the different settings that work for their unique looks, moods, location. Our countless filters give flawless retouches of clips and in some preferences, applies special artistic effects that lead to notable augmentations and trans formations.