One of the most underrated yet a gem of the gaming genre, that’s been out for as long as I can remember is the Roguelike genre or the Roguelite genre (both are different yet highly similar).  These games are known for their thrilling and addicting gameplay while being so simple and easy to get to start with!

And while the Roguelike games aren’t the most graphically advanced games in the world, with pixelated 2d or 3d graphics, their fun and unique gameplay is the part where these games shine the brightest. So, in this video I am going to share with you the TOP 10 best roguelike and roguelite games to play in 2021!

10 – Into the Breach 

When it comes to some intense, tactical turn-based games in the genre, Into the Breach has managed to exceed everyone’s expectations. It is one of the most advanced and strategically accurate games of all time and that is what I think makes this game so rewarding right off the start!

It’s all about coming up with the best ways to beat your opponents with the most creative strategies to outperform them but don’t let your guard down even for a second as one wrong move can prove fatal for you!

9 – Dead Cells

This one is one of the darkest games in this genre and that is for a lot of reasons, Dead Cells is the one to go for if you are fan of the fantasy world with evil creatures lurking to take you down, while the dread keeps on getting on your nerves!

In order to defeat the dark forces of evil, you’ll need to use a range of 90 different weapons of ultimate with deadly blows as you go through some of the most difficult levels in a roguelike game! Don’t give up if you can’t get through some of these levels as passing these levels is soothingly rewarding!

8 – Risk of Rain 2

Risk of rain 2 is one of the very first 3d games in this list and just like it’s predecessor, which was a 2d side scroller with pretty much the same mix of gameplay and storyline, ROR 2 is insanely addicting and it’s a 3D shooter now!

You can find your way through the herds of aliens as you try and find ways to survive on this faraway planet, but don’t worry you are not totally alone. The game allows you to play COOP mode, where you can do pretty much the same thing but with your friends now, which is always more fun.

7 – Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is one of the most unique games in this genre because it’s actually a tactical strategic card game, where your cards decide the moves you make in the combat and it gets really complex at times, while also being very rewarding! The deck building experience is pretty unique and the way it goes hand in hand with the roguelike gameplay of the game is what makes it so good and deserving of a spot in this list!

6 – Spelunky 2 

Coming from the creators of the very popular roguelike game in the world Spelunky, this sequel takes things a bit too far in terms of gameplay and endless adventures in a world full of enemies! The game forces you to be quick and creative to be able to get through these charmingly mesmerizing levels, with some of the best art in the world!

Spelunky 2 even takes the procedural generation from the first game to a new level with more unique and accurate creations, which will keep you hooked to the screens for hours!

5 – Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon, right from the very beginning hits you with beautiful art but importantly a TON of GUNS! The whole is based on gun fights and even the story is all about finding a gun with the power to destroy the past, that would be awesome if I could just..

Anyways, the game is filled with hordes of enemies that are bullet shaped and you get to choose one of the 4 characters in the game with a bunch of weapons to destroy through them and find your way to the gun of the past!


Noita is a pretty unique addition to this list of roguelike games as it has all the features of a traditional roguelike game but what’s interesting is the fact that every little piece of particle or pixel in the game is physically simulated, meaning you could be able to interact with every single pixel in the game and there are a ton of ways you can do that, setting it on fire, destroying it, melting it, blasting it and so much more.

In a world of darkness, you play as the witch with a lot of powers to wreak havoc on the monstrous land, which isn’t forgiving and you have to try your best to best them and that takes a LOT of tries!

BONUS GAME – Diablo 3

Now before we move on to our top 3 games in this list, our bonus game is definitely going to shock you as a lot of players don’t know that one of the most popular gaming franchises even to this day is actually roguelike! And the latest hit in the series is Diablo 3, which takes you to a world damaged by the fights between the angels and the demons. 

Diablo 3 has some of the best visuals in the genre, the story makes sure to keep you hooked and a ton of top tier Diablo items to slay your competition! If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s time to do so, grab a cheap Diablo 3 account and get your adventure started in the fantasy realm!

3 – Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon as the name already gives away is one of the darkest dungeon crawler roguelike games that is insanely popular for being one of the hardest games to finish! Besides that, the game is extremely addicting and fun with a lot of evil enemies to fight with and a lot of levels to get across.

The game lets you control a number of characters, a team of like minded people with the same task but that might take a toll on your mental health as the darkest dungeon is filled with twists and turns, not to mention the fierce monsters!

2 – Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac starts with a sweet little story that takes an unexpectedly evil turn as Isaac’s grandma takes it upon herself to fulfil her duties to the voice from above, even if it means sacrificing her grandson. Scared little Isaac trying to make the run for life, finds himself in a seemingly maze of an underworld with a ton of enemies that he has to slay with his tears and find his way to the otherside.


Coming in at number 1, Hades is probably the most thrilling and action-packed game in the whole genre and that is for a number of reasons, be it the super artistic art-style that is both unique and dazzling, the epic combat system of hacking and slashing through the enemies or the level of details in the game!

This game truly deserves to be at the number 1 spot as it is a complete package for any roguelike fan and you can keep going for hours!