Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) through its Guinness Hop House 13 brand has introduced a new a barbecue experience dubbed Flavor by Fire. The Flavor by Fire concept will begin a new culture of Hop House 13 paired with food, casual dinning with friends and celebrating local Chefs.

Speaking at the launch in Nairobi, EABL Head of Marketing Beer, Anne Joy Michira said, “There’s something very special about cooking food over fire. It brings people together in a way you don’t get using other cooking methods. Hop House 13 has a similar effect. It is the perfect way to celebrate getting together with friends and family for some quality time. The fact that Guinness pairs so perfectly with roasted and barbequed dishes, and that we use fire to give Guinness brands flavour and unique taste.”

Hop House 13 will be working with barbecue enthusiasts such as George Grill King, Chef Rubia and Chef Stephanie to drive awareness and reach of the experience. The three will use unique experiences with Hop House 13 inspired recipes, demonstrating to consumers how to prepare the food and pair it with your favourite drink.

Also speaking at the launch, KBL’s Commercial Director Joel Kamau, said, “We will have Hop House 13 Flavour by Fire experiences in selected outlets across the country. Kenya was the first market in Africa to launch Hop House in 2019 and we believe through this flavorful experiences, we will be able to drive appetite appeal for Hop House that makes it an obvious choice when you think of a good time with friends over sumptuous meal.”

Hop House 13 is a lager from the house of Guinness. The lager now brewed locally in Kenya, and is double hopped to enhance taste .