The Royal Media Services emerged as the people’s choice after winning various awards in almost all of the categories in the 4th edition of the Communication Authority KUZA Awards.

The theme for this year awards was Preserving our Cultural Heritage through Broadcasting: Kenya a Heritage of Splendour, and was aimed at recognizing broadcasters who foster patriotism and uphold Kenyan culture, beliefs, and values. Broadcasters who have contributed to national unity and stability were also honored.

Various broadcasters were honored at the 4th annual KUZA Awards, which included categories such as Regulatory Award, People’s Choice Award, and Patriotic Uzalendo Award.

The following broadcasters were named winners of the KUZA People’s Choice award after a public SMS voting process by Kenyans.

Favorite Radio Station:

1. The Standard Group PLC – Radio Maisha
2. Royal Media Services – Radio Citizen
3. Royal Media Services – Musyi FM

 Favorite TV Station:

1. Royal Media Services – Citizen TV

2.The Standard Group PLC – KTN Home
3. Switch TV Limited – Switch TV

 Favorite Pay TV Service

1. GOTV Kenya Ltd
2. Mutichoice Kenya Ltd.
3. Startimes Media Kenya

Most Trusted Radio Station For News

1. The Standard Group PLC – Radio Maisha
2. Royal Media Services – Radio Citizen
3. Royal Media Services – Musyi FM

Most TV station for news

1. Royal Media Services – Citizen TV
2. The Standard Group PLC – KTN News
3. Nation Media Group Limited – NTV

During the awards ceremony, Mrs. Mercy Wanjau, MBS, Ag. Director-General of the Communications Authority expressed her delight that the media has performed admirably in fulfilling their public interest responsibilities. As a result, research has found that 95 percent of Kenyans are aware of the pandemic, owing to knowledge disseminated primarily via radio and television.

Mrs. Mercy Wanjau, also indicated that the Authority was aware of COVID-19’s detrimental effect on the broadcasting sector, which has made it impossible for broadcasters
to completely comply with many regulatory obligations. During this time, the Authority waived the local content quotas and used CA’s collaboration with the Kenya Film Commission (KFC) to encourage the creation and funding of Kenyan programs, including the production of local content for children and the capacity building of local producers.

ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru announced that the CA was finalizing the review of children and local content programming guidelines to recognize the changing nature of broadcasting models. He added that that the review was in line with the Government’s policy goal of promoting the creation of a sensitive and responsible local broadcasting industry.

The CA is required by the ICT sector law to prescribe a Programming Code that establishes requirements for the time and manner in which licensees must broadcast programs. The new Code was created in 2015 and went into effect the following year.