Clubhouse, an invitation-only social media app, has announced plans to be fully accessible on Android in Kenya by Friday, 21st May, 2021. The move is aimed at opening up the app to a lot more users worldwide.

According to a Tweet, Japan, Brazil and Russia received the Android rollout on Tuesday 18th May, while Nigeria and India are set to get the rollout on Friday 21st, 2021. The app further communicated that the rest of the world will receive Android access throughout the week.

The audio-only app hosts live discussions, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening. While Clubhouse, the app, will be made available on all Android devices, it will still only be accessible via an invite-only process. While, technically, millions more people will be able to access the platform, only those who have been invited will be able to log in.

Clubhouse’s invite-only approach has been viewed as both its biggest strength and biggest weakness. The 5,000 person groups have created and boosted overall interest in the app, while at the same time facing immense competition from Social Media platforms like Twitter, which has accelerated the growth of its own Clubhouse-like Spaces tool.

With Spaces now available to all Twitter users with more than 600 followers, on iOS and Android, Android users, and those on iOS, are becoming more used to tuning into audio rooms within an app that they already know, without requiring a specific invite.

But even so, it seems that Twitter has slowed the app’s momentum somewhat, while Facebook has just launched the first stage of live testing for its Clubhouse-like audio social options.

It is this difficult to measure the potential impacts and benefits of such. More questions have risen concerning the app’s numbers, its invite-only approach and in-app audio social tools.

Experts have recommended that the app needs to accelerate user access a lot faster and keep up with the competition.