Veteran musicians, Nameless and Wahu, one of Kenya’s most admired celebrity couple, are set to grace our screens in a new docu-reality series, dubbed “This Love”. The series is set to premiere on Showmax on 24 May, 2021.

Nameless and Wahu have been married for 15 years now. They have wowed their fans with their dedication to their marriage and family life, which they have managed to keep out of the public eye over the years.

For the first time ever, the couple is opening up their lives to the audience with This Love. The 13-part docu-reality series that will highlight their timeless love and legendary history, as well as the lessons they have picked up along the way. This Love will also follow the couple’s work on their first ever joint album, a project which they announced at the beginning of April 2021.

“Getting to share our journey as we create our very first album together is exciting to say the least. We look forward to letting the fans in on this creative process, the challenges and joys of working together, and to introducing the team behind the music,” said the couple.

This Love is a production of Documentary and Reality TV, a production company owned by Producer Eugene Mbugua. The company is also behind the series including Sol Family, Stori Yangu and Our Perfect Wedding, all available on Showmax.

Mbugua, who is the show’s executive producer, reveals that he approached Nameless and Wahu with the idea of the show back in 2018. “We had just come from making our first Kenyan celebrity reality TV show, and to us, they seemed like the next obvious choice. They have a rich history, not just in music, but as a couple as well.”

With music careers spanning twenty years, Nameless and Wahu’s star power is undeniable. They have both released hits after hits and won many awards, including MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Female (2008) for Wahu and Best Male and Listener’s Choice (2009) for Nameless.

“Both of them have had perhaps the longest staying power of any musician in the country. You cannot tell the story of Kenyan music without telling the story of Nameless and Wahu,” said Mbugua.

Like all their other productions, This Love will stay true to Mbugua and his team’s style of storytelling, capturing Nameless and Wahu in their most authentic selves.

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