The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Sinapsis and DHL Express have partnered to bring crucial entrepreneurial skills and support to over 3,500 of Kenya’s most promising women entrepreneurs.

The Foundation’s business skills app dubbed HerVenture and its online 7-week investment training program Road to Growth, aims to help women grow their business and protect them from the ongoing pandemic.

Emily Scott, Director of Programs, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women said, “Sub-Saharan African economies lose nearly $100 billion a year because of the gender gap in the labour market and the current COVID-19 crisis is exacerbating many existing inequalities the women entrepreneurs we work with already face. Following our pilot’s impact in Kenya last year, we can’t wait to scale up our support to reach many more women entrepreneurs.”

After a pilot that saw over 1250 women reached by the app, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and DHL’s partnership with Sinapis has actively promoted HerVenture to more women across the country. They target to reach at least 3,500 new entrepreneurs.

HerVenture and Road to Growth apps are currently available in Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia and Vietnam. These apps provide users with business skills, financial literacy, networks and confidence via online learning and coaching. Road to Growth has already benefited women in Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia and Vietnam. The Foundation is working to scale further across sub-Saharan Africa.

HerVenture will launch in South Africa for the first time later this year. The program targets to reach at least 1,600 South African woman entrepreneurs using it to grow their businesses across Africa.

“Sinapis is thrilled to work with DHL and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to empower women entrepreneurs across Kenya with practical, accessible content to help them grow existing businesses and launch new ventures. Small and growing businesses represent 80% of Kenya’s workforce and the backbone of its economy,” said Sylvie Somerville, Director of Training and Global Partnerships, Sinapis Group.