DHL Express Kenya has introduced a fleet of 8 specialized vehicles in a bid to cater to a growing local and global customer base. This was due to the competitive economic environment whereby specialized road transportation is still critical to meeting clients’ varying logistics demands. Factors like increased fuel efficiency, safe and reliable vehicles, increased load capacity, ease of packing and delivery as well as comfortable driving cabin were key requirements when selecting the vehicles according to Ezra Ogutu Acting DHL country manager.

The vehicles are designed to allow easier driver access to the cabin, a lockable sliding door between cabin and cargo area, a foldable passenger jump seat in the cabin, a scanner cradle to scan package barcodes, shelving to assist with load planning among other features. Demo models revealed that the additional space, foldable shelving system and internal door helped improve the driver’s time dramatically. The company is on the process of replacing all vehicles in the current fleet in order to accommodate for future growth.

The company is also in the process of upgrading its airport facility at a cost of Kshs.200m to enhance efficiency and speed of work. The facility which operates as an Airside Transit Gateway facility is the only facility in Kenya that operates 24 hours and houses KEBS and customs officers in-house. The upgrade includes overall facelift of the facility to enhance efficiency and speed of delivery and Material Handling Equipment that will omit manual handling of shipments. The DHL Gateway and hub is the only one of its kind in Kenya. The facility has air and landside access, accommodating offices, courier operations, warehouse process, vehicles and other operational equipment.