Huawei Mobile Cloud enables individuals to secure their data with high-tech dual encryption, to ensure that no one but the owner can access it. The cloud also conveniently allows you to access your stored data anytime, from anywhere, on any Huawei or Android device.

This innovation follows the uncertainty regarding the safety of mobile devices, especially mobile phones has sometimes led to loss of valuable data and information including contact information for many users. To avoid this risk, cloud storage acts as a back-up option.

Cloud storage was first created in the 1960s, but gained massive uptake in the 1990s. It copies data and information from a device and stores it in the cloud. There however, have been concerns on information theft that leads to breach on personalized cloud information.

How to use Huawei Mobile Cloud platform

1. Create a Huawei ID. Your Huawei ID acts as an access card to all your information in the cloud. You can also choose to sync your data between two or more active devices, as well as whether you want automatic or manual backup of data.
2. When you first activate Huawei Mobile Cloud, you are given 5GB of free cloud storage space. However, if you have a lot of data on your mobile phone, and want to ensure that it is all safely backed-up, there are three further cloud storage packages for you to choose from. There’s the 50GB option for Ksh. 99 a month. However, if you wish to store your data for a longer period, you can have the 50 GB at Ksh. 1,188 for a year or Ksh. 594 for 6 months.

Other packages include:
Option 1

  • Storage Space: 200 GB
  • Monthly Fee: Ksh. 299
  • 6 Monthly Fee: Ksh. 1794
  • Annual Fee: Ksh. 3588

Option 2

  • Storage Space: 2,048 GB
  • Monthly Fee: Ksh. 999
  • 6 Monthly Fee: Ksh. 5,994
  • Annual Fee: Ksh. 11,988

Users are able to cancel their subscription at any time.

Huawei Mobile Services recently partnered with MTN to introduce a brand new payment method for users, direct carrier billing (DCB). To celebrate this partnership, MTN pre-paid users can now pay for their Huawei Mobile Cloud storage using their MTN airtime, and MTN contract users can add this payment to their monthly bill. MTN users that choose the new DCB payment method will get 50% off the price of monthly packages, and 20% off yearly packages in the Huawei Mobile Cloud platform.

Cloud storage has been proven to be a convenient, secure and easy way to ensure security of digital information.