The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) has issued clarification guidelines on the validity and scope of motor vehicle cover on the matter of driving after curfew hours. This comes after various comments on mainstream and social regarding the curfew matter after the curfew was pushed up to 8 p.m in red zone areas by the President, as a COVID-19 control measure.

The regulator guidelines on the issue include the following

1. The motor vehicle insurance (motor vehicle private, motor vehicle commercial and Public Service Vehicle (PSV)) contract documents were standardized and came into effect on 1st February 2012. These are the approved documents for use by all companies transacting motor vehicle insurance.
2. As per the approved and standardized motor insurance policy documents, driving past and during curfew hours is not an exclusion in the current motor vehicle insurance covers. As such, insurance companies cannot reject motor vehicle claims on the basis of timing.
3. The Authority has not received any request to vary the general terms and conditions of motor insurance contract documents to include curfew requirements. Consequently, payment of any motor claims is subject to the existing contracts between the insureds (policyholders) and insurers (insurance companies).
4. While claims incurred during curfew hours are payable, citizens are encouraged to observe the COVID-19 containment measures issued by the government in its efforts to curb the spread of the disease.
5. Insurance companies are not charged with enforcing the COVID-19 containment measures. For those found contravening the set directives, relevant law enforcement agencies will take necessary action.
6. Consumers who may experience any challenge with their insurer with regard to this matter are advised to engage the Authority for assistance.