Any players having the knowledge of online slots know how important the wilds can be during the gameplay – view the top 10 online slots today. Each of the different forms that they appear in during the bonus game has a significant contribution towards the overall prize you win.

If you love the wild symbols, then you surely would be fond of the Sticky Wilds. Some of our new players are still not sure if the sticky wilds are a real thing. To inform our slot punters of the unique position of Sticky Wilds in an online slot, we present here the significance of these friendly wilds and when you can expect them in your game.

Overview of Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds act exactly like the wild symbols found in any online slot. They have substitution power, don’t show up frequently, and have handsome multiplier values attached to them. But the interesting twist to their performance is that they don’t disappear soon after your spin is done. They stay on the reels and might be useful for your overall winnings over your next few spins. Throughout their sticky stay on your game screen, Sticky Wilds keep adding more symbols of the same sort to the reels, which multiplies your winning chances tremendously.

When to Expect Sticky Wilds in a Slot

Like all other wilds, Sticky Wilds are exclusive to bonus game rounds. These bonus rounds can simply be a round giving you special rewards, or they can come as a round with rewards and free spins made possible by sticky wilds.

Slots that Offer Sticky Wilds

Today, majority of the online slots have sticky wilds hidden as a bonus feature somewhere in the gameplay. Because of that, players adore these symbols and keep a keen eye on the possibility of hitting them on the reels as soon as possible. You can also expect to have sticky wilds in online slots with low variance or volatility more commonly.

Payouts of Sticky Wilds

If you are wondering if the sticky wilds are worth it or not, then think no more because these symbols offer serious payouts if you manage to find them. They might be limited in their frequency of appearance and can often ask you to put in some real money before you can make some, but once you start winning with sticky wilds, you won’t regret placing any bets to have that experience.


For the sake of innovation, slots game developers are trying something new with the sticky wilds every now and then. In the most recent online slots from all the renowned slot developers, you can find sticky wilds in new shapes and with new bonus multipliers. In some bonus rounds, you even get the chance to collect up to 10 sticky wilds in one go during the bonus play.

But with every variation of this feature, its popularity keeps increasing and, hence, proves that Sticky wilds are not rare but quite the opposite in any online slot out there.