Panasonic has unveiled firmware update for the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W wireless headphones. The update comes with an app to improve their functions and usability.

The firmware upgrade makes the earbuds more convenient to use and improves quality of voice transmission performance during calls.

“Panasonic is constantly looking to provide top of the range products to enhance customer satisfaction. These wireless headphones, now enhanced by these latest updates offer outstanding performance,” said Masashi Sakatani, Manager System Solutions and Communications Division, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE.

The sonic elements of the earbuds have been redesigned to capture a wider range of frequencies than before. The improvement enhances the ambient sound experience and makes the earbuds capable of recreating a more natural mix of music and surrounding sounds.

While noise reduction shows significant improvement, an added functionality now wakes up the headphones from auto power off mode. The new feature-loaded touchscreen allows users to smoothly perform general operations such as playback/stop, back a track, forward a track, volume reduce and volume increase.

There are two versions of the firmware introduced

  1. RZ-S500W JMS1ZY 02.50
  2. RZ-S300W JMS1ZX 02.00

Main features of the upgrade include

1. Added touch sensor customization option

This update allows users to customize the controls for the left and right touch sensors. Touch sensors include general operations playback/stop, back a track, forward a track, volume reduce, noise cancelling and volume increase.

Users can open the setting screen display by tapping the setting button and touch Customizing the touch sensor option. Choose from the available control options for proper setup.
However, noise cancelling function is only available for the RZ-S500W.

2. Improved voice transmission quality during phone calls

Users can now enjoy the improved voice transmission performance during phone calls.

The new update enables allows users to switch the ambient sound control mode, carry out noise cancelling, select ambient mode and turn off ambient sound control, and start voice assistant

3. How-to guide on the auto power off mode

Users can now see how to wake up the headphones from the auto power off setting through the application.

If no sound comes through the headphones for a specified amount of time, the headphones are automatically turned off. Users can choose from Always on, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.