When you think back to the ‘good old days’ when your parents shipped you off to boarding school so you may become a man or woman, when you think back,…. do you cry a bit on the inside? lol.

Jokes aside, boarding school was no easy feat, from what I have been told.  When you came out of it on the other side you ran for dear life and didn’t look back.

I personally did not go to boarding school, (though I wished I did. You know, how the grass always looks greener on the other side manenos) but I had a couple of friends who did and they shared with me some of their memories about boarding school.

From the hunger games that would take part in the canteen to teacher’s specially picked to ensure your time with them would be ‘memorable’, let’s take a look into ‘The Life of a Boarding School’ inmate.

1. Jumping events

Here we aren’t talking about the triple jump. No, we are talking about rukaing that fence in the middle of the night so you can go meet your people, attend funkies, and see your ladies from the other school, you name it.

I had a cousin who rukad that fence and let’s just say the sewage that awaited him on the other side did not add to his game. Did your adventures go any better than this?

If you attended boarding school at some point in time you either rukad that fence real quick, or you thought about it.

2. Hunger Games

I remember there was this sweet ‘cushiony’ boy in my estate and one day he went away and I wondered what happened. His older brother later informed me that he went to boarding school and when he came back, I must say the GLOW UP was legit!

Maybe instead of Hunger Games, boarding school is more like the Glow Up Games because with the lack of food, or good food that is, guys are forced to lose weight wapende wasipende. But the real games came when there was second round in the DH, because if you weren’t fit my friend, you would be left eating dust.

3. Shower Chronicles

A friend of mine told me he hated boarding school because of this. He would hate having to shower because of how crowded it got and there was never enough time to get a good scrub in. Ladies and Gents is this true?

Like how crowded is crowded really, because when I visited my people in school, back in the day, the establishments seemed pretty civilized and spacious to handle anything. Now all I see in my head is an episode of OZ taking place! (If you don’t know OZ it’s not because I am too old ok, it’s because you were born slow)

4. Visiting Day

These were the days that everyone waited for because the food that would come with the visits left a bitter sweet taste in everyone’s mouth.

While you got to eat some of your mums tasty home cooked meal, mother nature wrecked havoc on the toilets after. I mean, you don’t go from Githeri to biryani overnight and expect to be ok! That’s like Kidero’s dreaming that the grass fairy would come along, but with aromat that story maybe feasible.

As I have been told, you do not want to be in between all that when it’s going down.

5. Peek-a-boo

When in boarding school, punishment was not just a simple one two one two we are done situation. It was a sport for teachers and the higher ups to teach you a thing or two about how to torture someone, but in a creative way. If you weren’t scared of the teachers you had to look out for the seniors.

But were the punishments really worse than those of guys who did not attend boarding school? Or were they on the same scale?

Boarding school to me seemed pretty hectic and not at all what I imagined (damn you American TV for lying to me). I do wonder though are their boarding schools that are chilled or is that just wishful thinking?

What are some of your boarding school experiences?