Life has become so fast paced and hectic nowadays such that it feels as if when one blinks they could miss out on a whole lot. It has also become easy to forget some of the important things in life like just taking time to relax and enjoy life.

This why the launch of the home delivery services in the country was a game changer for those of us who often find themselves running a tight schedule. Imagine having a whole day of meetings and then having to go shopping
for groceries, pick up laundry and later make dinner!! Honestly, this is a lot of work and I often wonder how our mothers used to hack it.

However, in as much as the delivery services have made our lives better, there are still a few pain points that we as the consumers have faced. These have ranged from delayed orders, issues regarding the quality of the goods delivered, unclear refund policies among others. The Sendy Go app which entered into the market recently seeks to addresses all these issues to ensure that you as the customer has best shopping experience ever.

Here are a few reasons why you need the Sendy Go app in your life;

Fast Order Processing

The Sendy Go app has incorporated personal shoppers for every order that you make. This means that there is a personal shopper who has been assigned for every shopper/order. Essentially, a client is likely to get a faster turn around time as compared to a situation where one individual is combining orders for different clients.

After shopping, the personal shopper then hands over the goods/shopping to a rider who then bring the same to the client. All this is done within two hours or less, thus enabling a client to be able to plan their time more effectively.


Since the launch of the delivery services in the country, there have been complaints in regards to the quality of the goods delivered. To counter this, Sendy Go has an option of adding notes to the order as well as chatting with the
personal shopper specifying exactly what one wants quality wise. For example, if you wanted to buy ripe bananas or seedless grapes, you could leave that instruction in the notes section of your order and the shopper will see it.

Alternatively, you can text or call the shopper and give them direction as they are shopping for the products. This ensures that the client is able to get the exact quality that they desire.


The biggest selling point for delivery services is the convenience that it offers in that one can do shopping online from the comfort of your bed and have it delivered to your doorstep. Sendy Go, has gone one step further and enabled one to be able to schedule the delivery according to the time one is available.

Gone are the days when one had to ask the delivery man to just leave the shopping with the guard or the neighbors. This features even allows you to schedule delivery for the next day, talk about convenience.


The peeps at Sendy GO have partnered with different establishments and as such they are able offer an individual a wide variety of items to choose from. From alcohol, cooking gas (which are at the lowest prices in Nairobi), groceries, medicines, stationery, water refills you name it. Basically, you can buy almost anything at the touch of a button and have it delivered at your doorstep.


Given the state of our economy, being able to save some money while shopping is always welcome. As such, given the fact that there are different vendors on the app, one can be able to compare prices and buy from the one with the best price which can make your shopping cheaper in the long run.

Not to mention, Sendy Go uses a powerful search tool to review product prices and as a result, their price comparison feature is really efficient and useful.
The guys at Sendy are also offering free delivery for all your shopping hence making it cheaper for you to shop.

Refund Policy

From my experience, a lot of companies have very complicated refund policies which appear to be a deliberate attempt to discourage one from asking from a refund. In some cases, the need for a refund might be clear as day but you are better off squeezing water from a rock than getting one.

Given the culture around refunds by most corporates, I was surprised at how fast I was able to get my refund when I cancelled an order. All I had to do was hit up their customer service on chat an the funds were reversed to my Mpesa in a matter of minutes.

If you would like a hustle free delivery service in your life, click here or here to download the Sendy Go app.