After a long week hustling to make ends meet, it is good to just put your feet up and relax while watching a movie. Here are some awesome movies that are definitely worth checking out;

1. Green Book

The Green Book is inspired by a true story about an Italian bouncer turned driver for an African American Jazz pianist. The pianist’s record label gives the driver a book called the Green Book with guides to finding restaurants, hotels and petrol stations that would serve them since he was black. While on tour, the driver witnesses the discrimination black people encountered through his employer. He often finds himself defending the pianist from white people off-stage.

2. The Half Of It

If you’re in the mood for a bit of romance with a lot of twists, you should check out this movie. It follows a group of teens who are caught up in a web of love and lies. A high school football star approaches the smartest girl in school (spoiler alert, she’s Asian) to write love letters on his behalf to the most beautiful girl in their school. The three get caught up in this complicated love story that will leave you craving to know what happens next.

3. 127 Hours

Whether you’re watching this movie for the first time or re-watching it, 127 Hours is worth the time. It’s a true story about a man who went for his usual exploration at the Grand Canyon but fell through a crack and his leg crashed by a falling rock. What ensues after highlights man’s natural survival instincts which drove him to do unspeakable things for the next 127 hours.

4. Saving Private Ryan

This movie has been a point of reference for many subsequent movies. Whether the actors were referencing a scene in Saving Private Ryan to make their point or simply speaking about the movie, there’s no denying that Saving Private Ryan is a classic like many of Stephen Spielberg’s movies. It follows a group of U.S soldiers who are on a mission to save a fellow soldier whosetroop mates had been killed in battle.

5. Togo

We love to see the underdog win especially when the underdog is a literal dog. Togo is a story about a sled dog that delivered serum to a remote area in Nome during an outbreak in 1925. However, Togo wasn’t born a hero. In fact, he was the opposite. He was smaller and weaker than the rest of the litter and though his owner dismissed him at first, he soon realized there was more to the dog than his small stature.

6. The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happyness is a tear jerking movie about a divorced father struggling to make
ends meet as a salesman. His challenges test him both as a man and as a father but he holds on to hope until he receives the good news he was waiting for. The father-son acting duo of Will and Jaden Smith brought this movie to life with their delivery making the movie feel more real.

7. 1917

There’s something captivating about war movies. 1917 is based on Germany’s invasion of
France in the first world war. As the British army try to push back the German army they notice that the German army had retreated from a section of France. However, it wasn’t a retreat but a strategy to lure the British army into that territory. A group of British army men realize this and have to convey the message before their fellow army men fall into the trap.

8. 500 Days Of Summer

If you’re into romantic comedies, this one is a must watch. It’s not like the usual romance movie where the guy gets the girl of his dreams and they live happily ever after. On the contrary, the guy doesn’t get the girl which makes the movie quite interesting. However, there’s still the emotional rollercoaster we all love about romantic comedies.

9. Booksmart

This movie’s witty and humorous storyline will leave anyone in stitches. It fun and light hearted without drawing the audience’s attention from the important scenes. After two nerdy girls realize how unpopular they are, they go on a mission to attend their first (and last) party in high school before graduation. What you expect happens but it’s ten times funnier.

10. Parasite

This movie caused quite a stir at the 2019 Oscars for winning four awards making it the biggest winners at the event. It’s a comedy thriller based in Korea that follows a low income family struggling to make ends meet. One of the son’s friend recommends him for a tutoring job and the rest of the family jumps on board to work for the wealthy family. What ensues is a series of hilarious events that entangles the two families together.

11. Greyhound

This movie is based on the story of a U.S. Navy Cmdr. Ernest Krause who  is assigned to lead an Allied convoy across the Atlantic during World War II. His convoy, however, is pursued by German U-boats. Although this is Krause’s first wartime mission, he finds himself embroiled in what would come to be known as the longest, largest and most complex naval battle in history.

12. The Banker

The Banker is based on the true story of two African American entrepreneurs in the 1950s hire a white man to pose as the head of their company while they posed as a janitor and a chauffeur and ran the business behind the scenes.