The TeleAfya app has been launched in Kenya where it will provide telemedicine services to customers in Kenya.

Through the app, patients will be able to connect to doctors for medical assistance. Patients with smartphones are able to reach out to doctors on the app via text, video calling or messaging. Patients without smartphones are able to benefit by visiting local TeleAfya Dispatch Centres who will match them with medical professionals available.

TeleAfya facilitates connection between a patient and medical care provider who are in close proximity to the each other. A patient books on the platform, and depending on the workload of the caregiver, requests get accepted or rejected – which the patient monitors on the system and is able to request for an alternative medical care provider. When the healthcare provider accepts the request, TeleAfya hands over control to them enabling the caregiver to consultant with the patient through text, call or video.

Medical professionals will be able to register on the TeleAfya App to offer their services in their respective counties. Patients with smartphones request for said services by logging onto the app.

In the case of patients without smartphones, TeleAfya is partnering with existing shops, schools, pharmacies and churches to act as TeleAfya Dispatch Centers. The centers will facilitate care between patients with no internet connectivity or smart phones but have a regular phone.

“Now more than ever, we need to bridge the gap between heath care access and delivery by connecting local medical professionals in each county with local patients especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Through the TeleAfya App, we hope to build a network of medical care givers and patients to solve the health care crisis in Kenya,” said TeleAfya Founder Vincent Chepkwony.

TeleAfya is also working on a Pandemic Integrated System for tracking Covid-19 Suspects and Contacts Tracing System.

The TeleAfya App is currently available for download on Google Playstore on Android. An iOS app and the Pandemic Integrated Tracing and Testing System are currently in testing phase with a view to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Key services on the TeleAfya App

Patients can search for Medical Specialists such as Women Health Specialist, Child Health Specialist, Dental Care Specialist, Digestive Issues Specialist and General Physicians.
Linking patients and medical providers with transportation options such as ambulance services and Medicine Delivery Services
Patients can search for Medical Facilities such as Diagnostic Labs, Medical Clinics, Nursing Homes, Dental Offices, Pharmacy Shops, Hospitals and Urgent care Dispatchers.
Video Consultation – Patients can search, book, and consult with Medial Providers through video calling on the app.
Voice Search – Users can search for anything by voice within the application instead of typing.
GPS Live Tracking – Users can track Medicine Delivery & Medical providers live locations.