Facebook has launched a community accelerator programme which is meant to train leaders of communities on the platform grow their groups. In Africa, the programme will be available in the countries that is Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

The Community Accelerator is a six-month program that will provide training, funding and mentorship to selected community leaders. Participants will spend three months learning from experts and coaches under a customized curriculum to learn how to create goals and expand their communities. They will then spend another three months executing their plan with funding and continued support from their network. Facebook will  award up to $3 million to 80 participants worldwide.

Kiran Yoliswa, Strategic Partner Manager for Sub Saharan Africa at Facebook, “We are investing in leaders because we believe and know they will make significant contributions to today’s social challenges, by sharing knowledge and information and helping people connect with others that share interests or passions for a good cause.”

If you are a leader and you are interested in joining the programme, click here to apply before 10th of April. The programme is expected to begin in June this year.