Opera has announced the successful installation of its new local servers in Mombasa, Kenya. These servers significantly increase browsing speed up to four times faster than before, meaning that millions of Kenyans who use Opera products, such as the popular Opera Mini browser, will enjoy a faster experience when accessing their favorite online content.

The new data servers are located in the MBA1 data center facility, chosen for its strategic location, ability to cool high-performance computing, and its local and international connectivity.

With the installation of the new local servers, Opera is reducing connection latency and providing Kenyans with swifter browsing. According to the test results, the response time to servers has significantly improved, with a 4 times increase in response time for users with the fastest network conditions. In addition, overall browsing has become even faster with the implementation of intelligent caching mechanisms.

Krystian Zubel, IT Director at Opera, had this to say, “Kenya is a hyper-connected country with 86% of its population already online. The challenge is supplying users with uninterrupted and quick internet connectivity. With the installation of our local data servers in Mombasa, we are improving connectivity speeds and meeting the needs of millions of connected Kenyans.”