Sendy, a logistics platform that connects clients to connects drivers and vehicles for goods delivery, has raised  $29 million in a Series B round of funding led by Atlantica Ventures. Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Asia Africa Investment, Sunu Capital, Enza Capital, Vested World, and Kepple Capital also joined the round. This is according to Techchrunch.

With the funds, Sendy plans to expand to West Africa this year and also to get quality talent as well as upgrade their tech. CEO Mesh Alloys, had this to say, “Getting better operational efficiency is super key so we’ll invest…in engineering teams and data teams…and deploying talent to improve the services that we give our customers.”

Sendy’s $29 Million round includes an R&D arrangement with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, whose investment comes from a venture arm the company established for Africa, called Mobility 54. As part of the arrangement, Toyota Tsusho will set up vehicle services centers in partnership with Sendy.

According to Sendy, they believe that they can outpace rivals like Kobo360 and Lori Systems due to the fact that their customer service is superior because it is driven by technology as they are miles ahead of their rivals techwise.

Sendy intends to lower the logistics expenses for businesses in Africa through their services, as such their have made it central to their mission.