Pathways International has launched a program named Pathways DataSavvy that aims at providing individuals and corporates with data analytics, data science, and big data skills. This comes at a time when there is increased global demand for these skills, that help organizations gain a competitive edge by becoming data-driven.

Based on its experience in training and implementation both in the African and American markets, Pathways International has created this program specifically for its African audience to accelerate the adoption of a data-driven culture in the continent. The DataSavvy program comprises a mix of initiatives including free online introductory classes, in-class training on world-class data tools, boot camps, and student programs.

Additionally, Pathways International is seeking to address the skills gap in the Kenyan and African market by providing training where companies or individuals can boost their DataSavvy skills making them competitive and employable in an ever-evolving job market.

“Individuals and organizations that will succeed in the new century are those that will fully leverage the hidden power of data. That is the reason we are seeing tremendous growth from the likes of Amazon and Apple Inc,” said Mr. Joel Onditi, CEO, Pathways International.

DataSavvy professionals, by use of their skills, can better their understanding of data interpretation, develop innovative solutions that will create more opportunities and boost their careers as they learn from industry experts.

Internally, DataSavvy professionals help companies identify new business opportunities in competitive markets by investigating customer trends, purchase patterns, risk management, improve their performance, cut costs and even boost employee morale which in turn leads to increased production and profits. From the gained insights, they guide the company by providing the best strategies for penetrating or stabilizing its position in the market, guaranteeing long-term company competitiveness.

Pathways International is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics company with locations in Nairobi, Kenya, and Colorado, USA. Pathways International was founded to help businesses leverage and maximize the value of their data for strategic improvement. In the region, Pathways International has recently worked with organizations such as Mwalimu National Sacco Society, Nation Media Group, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and World Vision International in Kenya; Kasha and Bbox in Rwanda among other organizations.