We have all had problems with taking car to the garage and the mechanics taking long not just to service the car but to diagnose the problem. This is especially annoying if it’s your main car and the garage is not giving a timeline of when the car will be ready for pick up.

One Kenyan, Peter Ng’ang’a had a similar problem after dropping his VW Passat at DT Dobie. Peter wanted the car to be assessed and possibly repaired. He left the car at their garage on 16th August.

Peter claims that since then nothing has happened to his car. In a letter to DT Dobie CEO Ian Middleton, he complains that nothing has been done to his car since he left at the garage. He hilariously references all the events that have happened since he left his car at the garage. They include; G7 Summit in France, Kenya exported its first batch of crude oil, the Kenyan census, his daughter lost her pet goat ‘le mburi’ among others.

He further claims that no one has been assigned to assess his car despite follow up. He furthers asks the CEO to come to his aid to save his neglected vehicle.

DT Dobie has a rich history in car distribution and service in Kenya having been founded in 1946. It distributes Volkswagen and Mercedes cars in Kenya. It would be such a shame if they ruined their reputation with this one incident and we hope that we will attend to Peter’s car as soon as possible. Good luck Peter and good one.

Below is Peter’s letter: