Nissan Kenya donates desks & stationery worth Ksh. 300,000 to Iganjo primary school


Nissan Kenya has donated desks and school stationery worth Ksh. 300,000 to Iganjo primary school which is located in Gatanga Constituency.

Led by the Nissan Kenya Managing Director Mr. Gerhard Benard, he said, ‘At Nissan Kenya we feel we have a responsibility to the greater market that we serve and we try to do that through identifying needs of the less privileged that we can assist with’.

He further reiterated that ‘Building a nation starts by empowering a younger generation to become more and do greater’.

The items were received by the school’s head teacher, Mrs. Njoroge, who was overwhelmed with joy as she thanked the Nissan Kenya team for their noble contribution towards the school.

Mr. Benard concluded by saying “Creating an atmosphere of positivity as well as motivating the importance of education in the smaller kids. Teaching them a sense of responsibility for their own belongings’.

More about Iganjo Primary School

  • It has a special unit class with 12 students who have mental challenges and would like to enrol more but this is hampered by inadequate furniture and facilities.
  • The school is on a slope and it is very difficult for students to get around to their classes especially when it rains since it gets very slippery, the teachers have therefore implemented a new program in which students are kept in their classes for longer periods of the day.
  • This particular school is in the public eye a lot in terms of seeking funding as well as falls within the government portfolio of sponsorship.
  • The donation of desks will go a long way in making the students a little more comfortable during learning and thus for the longer periods being seated during subject changes.
  • They have one teacher for the special unit but recruitment of additional teachers is hampered by lack of funding.
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