KCB Bank have launched the UPI Travel Card for Kenyan travellers to Asian countries to use for purchases while travelling. The card was launched in partnership with UnionPay International (UPI).

The card is a prepaid card and it is in Kenya Shillings. The card targets frequent travellers to Asian countries who would like to use it for their purchases when they travel.

The card is available to both KCB and non KCB Customers. The card can be applied for at any KCB Bank branches and can be topped up at a KCB Bank branch, ATM or KCB Mtaani agent.

KCB UPI travel card features

  • No charge when making deposits.
  • No monthly/yearly charges.
  • Ksh. 1000 INITIAL deposit
  • Issuance charge of Ksh500
  • Card replacement at Ksh 500
  • Card top ups can be made at any KCB Bank, KCB ATM or KCB Mtaani agent
  • Card is issued on same day

KCB UPI travel card application requirements

  • A copy of your ID or passport
  • A filled application form
  • Ksh. 1000 deposit

KCB Bank recently announced its partnership with UnionPay International to enable payments from the UnionPay App as well as on Apple Pay. The payments will be made possible via the on KCB Point of Sale (POS) terminals regionally via tap & go. Additionally, KCB and Union Pay have partnered over the past five years in the areas of merchant acquiring both for POS Acquisition and E-commerce, ATM Acceptance and issuing. At present, 90% of merchants and 75% of ATMs in Kenya accept UnionPay. KCB has also enabled all their ATMs and merchants in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to accept UnionPay cards.