Copia launches online shopping platform targeting Kenyans in rural areas


Copia Kenya has launched a new online shopping platform in Kenya with the ability to deliver to all parts of the country including rural areas.

The company is banking on the unavailability of online shopping options in rural areas. They are also targeting those in urban areas who regularly buy items for their families upcountry.

The platform is currently stocking various products in different categories such as personal care, household itemms, electronics, beauty products, baby products, construction products, farm products among others.

On checkout on the website, all a customer needs to do is provide their phone number or the phone number of person the goods are going to. Copia will then locate the recipient, identify the nearest delivery centre agent and deliver the goods in two to four days.

“Copia’s rapid growth in just five years shows the demand that exists among Kenyans in both rural and urban areas for digitally-powered solutions that make their day-to-day shopping needs easier.” said Tim Steel, CEO, Copia Kenya while speaking during the launch of Copia Online at Tatu City Industrial Park.

Copia claims to have a network of more than 3,700 agents across Central Kenya and parts of Rift Valley. The agents are small shopkeepers who operate as ordering and distribution centres within their rural communities. The company has apparently fulfilled more than two million orders and served over 300,000 customers.

The launch of Copia’s new online shopping service comes just after their move into a new international logistics and distribution hub at Tatu City Industrial Park. The 4,000 square metre facility helps with the fulfillment of customer orders and will facilitate Copia’s expansion into Western Kenya and other parts of the country.

Copia was founded by Tracey Turner and Jonathan Lewis and started operations in Kenya in 2013. Their vision is to introduce ecommerce in Africa by bringing the power of e-commerce to hundreds of millions of middle and low-income Africans. Copia operates a network of agents who operate as ecommerce ordering and delivery points.

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