Australian parking service Kerb has launched in Kenya offering car park management and leasing services in the market

The app offers a car park management solution that allows individuals and companies with free car parks to list them and make money. Additionally, residential committees can use Kerb to monitor visitor parking spaces and manage the allocation of parking spaces in apartment buildings. The app isn’t just for parking cars, Kerb can also be used for renting and leasing spaces for motorbikes, boats, trucks and even helicopters.

Kerb also offers users the ability to lease parking spaces on the app. The parking spaces start at Ksh. 300 a day, depending on where they are located.

Kerb is available for to download on iOS and Android. It is also available on web at

Kerb was founded in October 2016 by Rob Brown and Matt Salmon and is live across the world in 19 languages and localized in 300 cities. The app allows you to list an entire car park up in minutes, and each individual bay can be customised by availability, price and vehicle type.

More details about Kerb

  • Kerb’s Car Park Management Platform allows leasers to list an entire car park in minutes: each individual space can be customised by availability, price and vehicle type.
  • Leasers have the option to apply instant book to their spaces.
  • If leasers prefer long-term users in some car parks, they have the option for the user to pay weekly, or monthly, as a direct debit. The user is then required to give notice to end the lease.
  • Kerb allows leasers to add their own terms to the app, which the user must accept when they click to book.
  • Registration and other documents can be collected if required.
  • Car park access – provided boom gates or doors are online, Kerb can trigger them to open via a button on the app which appears to the user when they book. There are other devices like GSM openers which can also be integrated with.