Top 10 Tips To Fight Hair Loss In Women


Have you just realized that a larger-than-usual clump of hair is clogging your shower drain? Do you think the hair trapped in your brush is more than usual?

Blame it on the hormonal changes, improper diet, stress, unhealthy habits, genetics, medical conditions or pollution, dealing with hair loss is overwhelming.

It is nothing less than a worst nightmare for a woman to see a noticeably sparser hairline or lackluster locks. But there are ways to stop the hair fall problem. Here are 10 simple tips that help.

Know the Culprit

As the reasons for hair fall are innumerable, it is vital to get to the root of the problem. Getting the correct diagnosis is the right way to figure out the culprit.

Begin with monitoring the areas where the hair thinning is most prominent and consult a physician to know whether there are any underlying medical issues that are causing the hair fall.

Health issues like underactive thyroid lead to frizzy or brittle hair while hair becomes greasy and limp in case of an overactive thyroid. Knowing the reason behind the hair fall will help you have an effective treatment or hair thinning solution.

Use the Right Comb

Combing hair is the most dreaded moment for women dealing with hair fall. However, using the right comb can reduce the hair breakage.
First of all, detangle your hair using a wooden wide-tooth comb and then use your regular brush to minimize the hair loss from pulling. Also, never comb your hair while it is wet as your hair is more prone to breakage at that time.

Don’t Over Wash and Overheat

Frequent chemical hair treatments like excessive blow drying, ironing, and coloring can cause hair loss. So, don’t go overboard with chemical treatments and hot styling tools. Also, never overwash your hair and allow it to produce natural oil.

Avoid tight ponytails, pigtails or braids on a regular basis as pulling back hair tightly can also lead to hair fall. Be gentle with your hair and look for hair thinning solution that will cause no damage to your hair.

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Dandruff or dry scalp usually makes a great reason for hair fall. So, it is essential to keep your scalp healthy with proper oiling and massage. Oiling your hair overnight with oils like almond, coconut, and castor seeds go a long way in nourishing the scalp while stimulating the hair growth.

Cut Out The Stress With Yoga And Exercise

Stress can contribute more than you think towards hair fall. Long-term or persistent stress can impact the growth phase of the hair cycle.
However, managing stress can help your hair to regrow, and regular exercise like yoga is a great way to do that. Take steps to reduce your stress, and your hair shedding will be reduced to a great extent.

Eat Right

Nutritional deficiency sometimes causes thinning hair or even total baldness. Minerals like magnesium, sulfur, silica, and zinc are critical for maintaining healthy hair. Also, the Beta-carotene present in green, yellow vegetables and fruits can promote the hair growth.

Diet with too low protein can retard the hair growth cycle. So make sure to include protein-rich food like fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt and soy protein to your diet to stimulate your hair growth.

Be Gentle While Drying Your Hair
Rubbing the wet hair with the towel is the worst thing that you can do to your hair. Drying your hair briskly using the towel can result in hair breakage, tangles and pulling.

So, instead of being harsh on your hair, try to gently squeeze out the water from your hair using a towel and let it dry naturally. Also, stay away from the shampoo that includes sulfate, silicon and parabane as it can make your hair look brittle and more prone to breakage.

The Bottom Line

Remember, your hair reflects the overall condition of your health. Keeping your body healthy and well-nourished will help your hair to shine in all its glory.

Lastly, Instead of using the chemical-rich products in an attempt to get instant result, use hair thinning solution like hair fiber to get an illusion of voluminous hair.

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