Women completely dominated the BAKE Awards 2018, winning in 15 out of 23 categories. Women winners included Travel blogger Bonnita Aluoch who won the Kenyan Blog of the Year. Other winners included,  Over 25 and made history by being the first woman to ever win in the photography category.

The BAKE Awards, since its inception in 2012, has recognized and awarded the best in Kenyan blogging every year. It is organized by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), an organization that promotes online content creation and free expression in Kenya.

Below is the full list of winners in the BAKE Awards 2018.

1. Technology Blog

2. Photography Blog

3. Creative Writing Blog

4. Business Blog

5. Food Blog

6. Environmental Blog

7. Fashion and Style Blog

8. Agricultural Blog

9. New Blog

10. Best Corporate Blog

11. Topical Blog

12. Sports Blog

13. Entertainment Blog

14. Education Blog

15. Travel Blog

16. Public Health Blog

17. County Blog

18. Religious or Spirituality Blog

19. Lifestyle Blog

20. Beauty and Hair Blog

21. Video Blog (Vlog)

Over Twenty Five –

22. Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog

23. Kenyan Blog of the Year