Paradigm Initiative (PIN) and the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has conducted digital security training for bloggers in the country.

The three day training, saw 30 bloggers from the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) equipped with essential tools and practices to protect their online presence, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure responsible and secure digital communication. Mr. Adeboye Adegoke, Senior Manager Grants and Programs Strategy at Paradigm Initiative, stressed the importance of the training, adding that the organisation has developed several resources, including digital security toolkits, namely Ayeta and Ripoti, for use by various stakeholders.

BAKE is a community association of Kenyan bloggers and content creators that promotes online content creation and free expression in Kenya. Blogging and content creation is becoming a way of making a livelihood for numerous individuals globally.

The digital security training provided targeted training and resources to address the challenges faced by bloggers in Kenya. By empowering them with practical digital security techniques and awareness, they will be equipped to protect their online identities, preserve the privacy of their sources, and ensure the integrity and accuracy of their published content.