Paradigm Initiative (PIN) and Sunshine Cinema have announced a new partnership that will foster digital inclusion and tackle youth unemployment.

PIN, an NGO advocating for digital rights and inclusion, also works to connect under-served young Africans with digital opportunities and ensures the protection of their rights online. Sunshine Cinema is a non-profit solar-powered media network working through Southern Africa to address youth unemployment.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Sunshine Cinema will provide mobile solar cinema kits to showcase Paradigm Initiative’s impactful short films. The kits empower young entrepreneurs as media facilitators, enabling them to earn income while driving positive social change within their communities.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nnenna Paul-Ugochukwu, PIN’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), said: “This collaboration marks an important step in leveraging the power of storytelling to champion digital rights and inclusion on the continent. It is a symbiotic relationship that goes beyond traditional advocacy to lighting up minds and creating opportunities for the youth.”

On her part, Sydelle Willow Smith, Sunshine Cinema Executive Director, said: “As we embark on this journey, we will be keen on amplifying the message of digital inclusion, youth empowerment and social transformation. Together, we can illuminate the path towards a brighter, more inclusive Africa.”

Paradigm Initiative has produced three short films inspired by the annual Londa report, which spotlights the state of digital rights and inclusion across African countries. The short films the organisation has released are Training, Focus and Finding Diana. Last December 2023, PIN unveiled the trailer of the 4th short film- ‘Undersight’ which follows the journey of Omar, a brilliant computer programmer who creates revolutionary data collation software, which is in high demand.