Having unwanted hair is a problem many of us can identify with; especially for those who are blessed with fast growing hair. Let’s look at the various hair removal methods including the pros and cons of each.

1. Shaving

This is the most common method; it is very convenient since you can do it at home, affordable and painless. Hair is removed by using a shaving razor. It is commonly used to get rid of excess hair on the face, legs, underarms or groin area.

Cons of shaving: it may lead to growth of ingrown hairs, getting razor cuts, darkening of underarms due to frequent shaving, razor bumps and the hair usually grows back after a short time.

2. Threading

This involves using a doubled thread to pluck the unwanted hairs. It is mostly used in removal of facial hair (upper lip, chin, shaping eyebrows). It is especially recommended for precise shaping of eyebrows. Threading is quick, inexpensive, and hair usually grows back after while (about 5 weeks) and is finer than before.

Cons: it is painful since multiple strands of hair are plucked at once.

3. Tweezing

It involves plucking the unwanted hair using a pair of tweezers. Just like threading, tweezing is good for removal of facial hair. It is affordable, convenient since one can do it for themselves and hair usually takes time to grow back.

Cons: it is painful and time-consuming.

4. Use of depilatory creams

Veet- A popular hair removal cream

This method is simple, pain-free and a convenient option since you do it at home. It is applicable for various areas of the body(legs, arms, bikini area and face). Depilatory creams break down the keratin in hair which weakens the hair and makes it easier to remove. One applies a depilatory cream (for example, Veet) on to the area and after a few minutes you wipe off the cream together with the hair.

Cons: may cause irritation on sensitive skin, most creams have a strong unpleasant smell and if cream is left on the skin too long it may result in light burns.

5. Waxing

This involves removal of hair by application of hot wax. The wax secures the hair strands, and on cooling is pulled off the skin together with the hair. It is suitable for facial hair, underarms, hands, bikini area and legs. Waxing may be done at home or at a salon/spa.It is semi permanent, hair grows back between four to six weeks

Cons: it is painful, may cause irritation and ingrwown hairs.

6. Electrolysis

The process works by inserting an epilator device into the skin which uses shortwave radio frequencies in hair follicles to prevent hair from growing and causes existing hairs to fall out. It is a very versatile method and may be used anywhere on the body.

Cons: it is expensive, must be done by a certified professional and may result in skin scarring.

7. Laser

Involves the use of heat energy, high-heat lasers, to damage the hair follicle resulting in a slowed growth rate of hair. It is applicable for any part of the body and the results are long lasting.

Cons: it is costly, may result in skin pigmentation issues, burns, soreness and requires multiple sessions.

If interested in using any of the grooming methods explored above, visit a salon or beauty spa near you that offers such services. For laser and electrolysis you may consult a dermatologist or clinic that specializes in such procedures.