Nurtured Knotts, the online natural hair community behind Hairitage Chronicles will host its 4th edition of the event on March 10th 2018.

Nurtured Knotts, which was co-founded in 2015 by Nyasuba Lando, is all about encouraging women to appreciate the beauty of their natural hair and provide tips on how best to care for their kinks, coils and curls.

Hairitage chronicles began as festival to celebrate Nurtured Knotts first anniversary in 2016. It grew from a small gathering of natural hair lovers to become one of the most notable natural hair community meet ups in the country. The 3rd edition took place last year under the theme of ‘A seat at the table’ who’s essence to make the attendees more informed on issues such such as natural hair care, beauty, fashion, fitness and overall well being. It featured panelists such as Sheila Ndinda, Sharon Malonza, Amina Jasho, Vicky Wambui, Nina Odongo and Lynn Gitahi. It also featured over 40 vendors in the natural hair industry to provide attendees with a variety products to choose from during purchases.

This year’s theme is ‘Own Your Culture’ and will be about celebrating the rich heritage of our country’s 43 tribes and documenting the diversity of each community’s art.

The panel discussion will be moderated by  Wambui June and Tabitha Tongoi  a natural hair whisperer under the brand name Craving yellow.  The Panel team includes: Ciru Muiruri  TV presenter at K24,  Bevern Oguk a fashion designer behind the fashion label Cobe_nairobi,  Eddie Kirindo an award winning style maven , visual studio owner and fashion content creator,  Brian Babu a leading celebrity stylist, Wachu Wanjaria a leading natural hair stylist behind Kurlly Diaries & Bridal_Hair_Couture_ke, Jay Cee guru in natural hair and admin at Tricias Naturals, Ess Kay CEO Ruzena natural and admin at Kurlly Diaries and  Tindi Kamwetu DIY queen and natural hair enthusiast.

The event will also feature young upcoming natural hair, fashion and beauty enthusiasts who will engage attendees during the day, they include;- Peace Loise, Shammy Mshai, Coco Vanveen, Luccandy, Aluchic. There will be a live photo shoot by Luci Robi, who is the lead stylist at Eve Woman Magazine. 

Hairitage Chronicles has partnered with brands such as Dark n Lovely, who are the main sponsors, Mikalla, Onea Salon, Afrosiri Salon and Nyasuba Locs.

There will also be a ‘man cave’ which will host a series of discussions facilitated by Mandevu Beard Care to educate men on how to care for their facial hair.

Entry to the event is free.