The only things this song has going for it are the visuals and the beat. Red Namba Plate is lazily written, the chorus is about 20 seconds of inaudible mumbles and the punchlines a series of platitudes that will make your ears hurt.

The video directed by Chebeni, although beautifully shot, doesn’t tell any story.  The video begins with the instrumentals overlaying different shots of Octopizzo then it goes downhill from there. The lyrics are disjointed and the bars banal, leaving the listener quite lost as to what he was trying to say in the song.

Some of the laziest lines were “Wanakaa PS, nawacheza ” and “Nawanyonya, wanasuck.”

The song is produced by Miami based producer Jon Rook and is part of a series of singles off his 4th album which is set to release later in the year. Octopizzo’s claim to fame was with tracks like Ivo Ivo and Swag ft Amina. Initially, his sound was predominantly hip hop but has since shown an inclination towards its sub genre, trap. What sets Octo apart from other trap artists like Barak Jacuzzi is his fusion otherwise common place sounds like clucking chickens or bleating goats into the the layered synthesizers, 808s and the heavy drums that are distinctive of trap. This fusion is evident Nu Afrika. Another gem was the sample of Slim Ali and the Hodi boys in the single Something for you.

As a fan of trap of music and Octopizzo, Red Namba Plate gets a thumbs down from me.