I have been using Ariel washing powder for handwashing my laundry for some time now. So far, I’ve had great results with each wash and it really does get those annoying stains out in just one wash.

When I heard about their new Ariel automatic machine wash powder, I just had to try it out. So I ditched my old brand and here is how my laundry turned out after I used it.


This massive coffee stain on this t-shirt needs go

About to throw this dirty, stinky load into the wash.

Here are my laundry companions


1. Pour Ariel Automatic powder into the machine drawer. The amount of powder depends on: size of the laundry, water hardness and how dirty the laundry is.
2. Add your laundry into the drum.
3. For extra softness of your clothes, we recommend that you add Downy Fabric softener in the adjacent compartment in the drawer.
4. Select and Start the machine program/cycle.


After machine washing and using Ariel Automatic, the massive coffee stain is all gone.

All clean

I would definitely recommend that you try it out.