Though foreigners are idolized in China, it’s crystal clear that there are still some things foreigners envy about China and the Chinese. If not, how can you explain the boom in the rate of students, businessmen and workers in China? It’s true that most expats can mention one hundred and one things they don’t like about China or Chinese people but yet we seem deep rooted and refuse to leave China and go back to our different countries for one reason or another. So what are these things that expats treasure most about China?

1. Low prices

This is one of the best things that foreigners envy most about China. From the cost of food, to clothes, shoes, transportation and bills such as school fees and utilities the cost of living here is relatively low compared to other countries. Newcomers that check the price of some goods ONLINE are astonished by what they find. You get to see the obvious power of low price in clothing (designer brands excluded) and shoes. For students, one hundred dollars is enough for monthly feeding- clubbing and travelling included. This is something you can’t easily find elsewhere.

2. Security

This can be directly attributed to the strong sense of Law and Order that is prevalent in China. For me, I can say China is one of the most peaceful countries for expats. The peace of mind expats enjoy in China is admirable. Walking on the road without looking back. Everyone has their opinion, but when it comes to internal security, China is awesome. Highway robbery, bank robbery, burglary et-cetera are rare cases here. Oh, how about the feeling that while you are busy at the office no one is burgling your house? China is absolutely one of the countries where you can enjoy virtually unrivaled peace of mind.

3. No guns

Well, you don’t walk around in China in fear of getting shot. Americans talk about ‘black lives matter’ but in China all lives matter. It’s rare to see guns in China, especially in the hands of civilians as compared to the US for example. When you hear a loud bang your mind doesn’t revert to duck and run for cover tactics, but rather you look up to catch a glimpse of bright lights flashing in the sky from the forever blasting fireworks.

4. China is a big place to explore

Yeah, I envy this so much. To experience the whole of China will take a dedicated traveler a few years to accomplish. Different places offer different things, from landscapes, to nature, mountains, deserts, seas, the people, and even the varied concrete jungles. The Chinese have made sure that different regions are unique and worth visiting. Any foreigner who will says he doesn’t admire this about China is a liar (or close minded). China is a country with a very long history, the only way to understand and enjoy these histories is to explore every nook and cranny of this great country.

5. Transport system

China has very cheap transport system: from the buses that charge as low as one yuan, to the subway and low speed trains and high speed trains. In addition, China is one of the safest places for flying. Not only do we enjoy a good transport system they are also affordable. Now Didi and Uber add to the convenience of getting around, from place to place whenever and wherever.